PERCUSSA makes audiocubes, smart cubes for producing and performing sound and music

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### what are audiocubes?

AudioCubes are smart wireless cubes, capable of sensing each other's location and orientation, as well as distance to your hands, fingers and other objects.

AudioCubes have built in RGB lighting, rechargeable batteries and chargers. AudioCubes work with most professional audio and video software.

Artists everywhere in the world use them to create amazing projects.

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### what can I do with audiocubes?

Artists are using AudioCubes to design sounds, compose generative music, perform live and teach kids about the science of sound and music.

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### how can I buy audiocubes?

AudioCubes are available in sets of 4 cubes. You can use up to 16 cubes per USB port.

To get a quote for an AudioCubes setup, follow the instructions at how to buy audiocubes?

### where can I download the latest percussa audiocubes software?

You can visit the Percussa AudioCubes Downloads page.

### where can I get the latest news about audiocubes?

You can read the latest audiocubes news on our blog.

You can also follow percussa on twitter.

### how can I contact percussa, makers of audiocubes?

info at percussa dot us (we respond within 24 hours)


+1 650 799 4509 (between 9am and 5pm PST)